Business card production

I decided to start logo designing in a professional way, because I love it. For me, it is important to have special business cards which represent me and my business. In all of my designs, there is a bit of my own spirit, that is what makes them special. Also my business cards should be special, emotional and they should have my spirit.

I was searching for a company and I found a letterpress company in the city of Graz. One word - amazing! At my first contact with the letterpress office, the samples they made and the old machines I loved it. I decided for me to have these kind of business cards for my personal logo design & branding business.

I started to create a various of designs and prepared a final layout for producing the press plates.

This week I was there to make the first print and to choose the colors. It was amazing! 

I also had the possibility to make some photos of the production process of my own business cards.